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Electives at South Lake

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Electives at South Lake

Scroll down to view all the different elective options here at South Lake.  There are many to choose from!


Performing & Visual Arts

* For more information on the Performing Arts electives, please see the performing arts main page.

* For additional information on the Visual Arts electives described below, please click here.


Trimester-Long Electives

Art 1: In this course, students will be exploring a variety of media and techniques while learning the elements and principles of art. Activities may include drawing, painting, printmaking, graphics, sculpture, design, lettering, photography, Art history, and art appreciation. This is a great class for all skill levels.

Ceramics: In this course students will learn the basics of working with clay such as construction, firing, and glazing as well as art history. They will learn hand-building techniques such as slab construction, coil, and pinch pots. Projects may include clay monsters, mini food displays, and coil bowls. This class is great for all skill levels.

Digital Photography: This course will introduce students to art elements and principles of design through photography, photo editing, and video production in three equal parts. Students will learn proper usage and care of a digital camera, composition, and file management for creation of digital and print products. They will explore and apply fundamental design concepts using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. The unit on video production will also introduce students to common film shots and professional filming equipment. As a whole, the Digital Media Arts course encourages students to critically explore the role and function of imagery, language, and presentation using digital media.

Introduction to Spanish: This course is designed to familiarize students with Spanish and prepare them for Spanish 1. Every week students will learn a set of thematic vocabulary, which they will be able to use in Spanish 1. Students practice the weekly vocabulary, as well as expressions to use with the vocabulary in class with Power Point presentations, speaking activities, games, worksheets, and art projects. The students become familiar with the geography and culture of all twenty-one Spanish-speaking countries through online research, informational Power Point presentations and by producing arts and crafts typical of these countries.

Media Literacy: Mass media is enmeshed in our daily lives. It is nearly impossible to imagine a day without seeing a TV show, magazine, newspaper, listening to the radio, playing a video game, or using the internet. Yet, how often do we stop to think about who creates the visual and audio material that we consume? What are the purposes and goals of the information and advertisements that we are exposed to on a daily basis? What affect does the mass media have on individuals, society and the creation of culture? These are the very issues we will explore in Media Literacy. In addition, students will have creative opportunities to produce various forms of media related content.

Public Speaking/Debate: This course will provide opportunities for students to feel more comfortable and gain confidence in public speaking. Students will develop an understanding of the purpose and definition of debate, as well as the importance of persuasive arguments and supporting evidence.

Study Skills: The purpose of this course is to help the students develop study skills that will allow them to be successful, not only in middle school, but also in high school. In addition, students will participate in class activities that will help them to develop basic organization skills. Periodic grade checks will be conducted to ensure that students are keeping current with assignments and grades in their core curricular classes. There is limited space available in this elective.

Technology: No prerequisites required. Calling all students who want to be creative and learn the basics of computer programming. In this course, you will learn how to code and work with various robotic tools through teamwork. The two main platforms you will be learning in this course are Code.org and scratch.mit.edu. After that, you will be working on various projects using Makey-Makey, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LEGO Mindstorms, Ozobot, Dash & Dot robots, and even a 3-D printer. Sign up and join the fun!

Student Aide: This is a non-academic course. Student aides will be responsible for assisting classroom teachers. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to; setting up materials for projects and labs, assisting with organization and filing, photocopying, assisting teacher with classroom duties such as passing out assignments, assisting students and collecting assignments. Students can only be an aide for one Trimester during the year. At the beginning of each Trimester parents will receive a form to sign acknowledging their student is enrolling in a non-academic course. Teacher approval required.

Office Aide: This is a non-academic course. Office aides will assist the front office staff with various tasks pertaining to students and faculty, including getting students from classrooms, handing out daily attendance rosters, assisting with special projects and greeting guests that come to South Lake. Students can only be an aide for one Trimester during the year. At the beginning of each Trimester parents will receive a form to sign acknowledging their student is enrolling in a non-academic course. Administration approval required.

Library Aide: "Love to read? Be a part of student librarians! You will create promotional posters, appealing book displays, and library brochures. In addition, student librarians are responsible for reshelving books, keeping things in order, and helping other students at the circulation desk. This is a non-academic course. Technology skills are a plus! Teacher approval required.

Physical Education Aide: This is a non-academic course. Physical Education Teaching Assistants will assist with setting up equipment, helping with the daily jog and assisting with the activity. This is a leadership position and will help prepare students for high school enrichment activities. Only two student aides are allowed each period. P.E. Teacher approval required.


Year-Long Electives

Advanced Art: This course is aimed at students who have had prior art experience and would like to build on those skills or for beginning artists who have a strong interest in developing some artistic skills. This is a great class for those who would like to continue their arts education in high school. This class will cover a range of mediums and techniques and will include some more challenging projects such as graphic design, sewing, printmaking, public art displays, sculpture, and traditional drawing techniques. Enrollment in the course is through approval from Mrs. Adolf.

ASB\Leadership: This course is meant for students who have a desire to become strong leaders and are good role models. In this class students will learn how to develop leadership skills, how to work with others, as well as how to plan school events to promote school spirit and to help the surrounding community. This class is a privilege and standards are set at a higher expectation. All students interested in ASB/Leadership must complete an ASB Eligibility Packet and return it to Mrs. Adoff on or before the registration deadline.

Spanish 1: Spanish 1 is considered a first year, high school honors level course. Students who wish to enroll must have strong Math and English language/grammar skills, excellent work habits, and A/B+ grades. In making this choice, it may be helpful to think about high school graduation and college entrance foreign language requirements. A minimum of two years is generally required for four-year college entrance and three years is highly recommended. To remain in the course for the year and receive a recommendation for Spanish 2 in 9th grade, students must maintain an A/B+ grade. Enrollment in the course is through recommendation from 7th Grade English teachers.

Yearbook: Students enrolled in the Yearbook elective will create, design and produce our school’s yearbook, including a DVD yearbook. They will learn skills associated with layout and design, digital imaging, photocomposition, journalism, film and video editing, and most importantly, collaboration and cooperation between staff members. Yearbook participants are expected to spend time outside of school hours completing required assignments. Those students looking for a challenging honors level opportunity should consider the Yearbook class. Enrollment in the course is by recommendation from 7th Grade Language Arts teachers.