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Welcome to the home page for the English Department.  Here you will find information about standards, curriculum, projects, helpful links, and more.  Thanks for visiting!

ELA Standards
Common Core Standards

Course Descriptions

English 7

7th Grade English is a class focusing on the elements of language described in the California Common Core Standards: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language. Students read novels, short stories, and real world documents to increase their reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and word analysis skills. Literary analysis skills focus on elements of plot, characterization, and close reading. Writing application centers around informative, argumentative, and narrative writing, as well as conventions of spelling and grammar. Students also increase their skills in listening and speaking through delivering oral presentations and holding active classroom discussions.

English 8

In 8th grade English, students continue to reflect on their prior knowledge and skills as a way to develop a deeper understanding of the elements that constitute meaningful reading and writing. By making a personal connection to what we are learning, students expand their social and academic experiences, thus making learning more significant and fulfilling. Students will do a close reading of short stories, real world documents, and engage in novel studies to increase their skills in informative/explanatory, argumentative, and narrative writing. Students will also be challenged to hone their proficiency in grammar conventions and spelling and to further develop their listening and speaking skills through classroom discussions, group work and oral presentations.


Honors English 8 and Honors U.S. History 8 (8th grade only)

Honors English and History–Social Science are rigorous courses designed to challenge our most capable students. This course covers depth, complexity, novelty, and acceleration as strategies to meet the unique needs of high achieving students. Students will explore the curriculum described above in English 8 and U.S. History 8 in greater depth and will be expected to demonstrate a higher level of mastery in their application of the skills and knowledge acquired in their course of studies. Teacher recommendation is required for placement.


Honors Criteria
Recommended Reading List
Academic Competitions