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Performing Arts

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Performing Arts Department

Welcome to the South Lake Performing Arts Department page.  Here you will find helpful links, information and more!


Mr. Jason Grenier


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Course Descriptions


This class is designed so that students will become more comfortable and confident while performing in front of an audience. Students will engage in building their acting skills through improvisations, dramatic readings and theater exercises. A main goal of this elective is for all students to have fun and to participate in the culminating end of the trimester performance which is carefully selected and appropriate for middle school students and audiences.


This elective welcomes all interested students. Chorus members will perform a wide variety of music including rock, folk, jazz, and pop, with a special focus on Musical Theater. Students will also develop their singing and note-reading skills while focusing on proper tone production, solfeges and ensemble skills. The culminating project in Chorus class is our South Lake Spring Musical.

Concert Band

This exciting ensemble is open for any brass or woodwind player with previous music reading experience. Students wishing to continue their current instrumental music studies or switch to a new instrument may take this class. (Percussion will be covered in the 2nd and 3rd Trimesters of this course, so students interested in drums should sign up for this class). Students will learn and refine musical skills while performing intermediate music literature. This class covers 7th and 8th grade music standards, and is designed for students with at least two years of music experience.

String Orchestra

The South Lake String Orchestra is for students with previous musical experience. Students will refine their skills and perform a variety of literature, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern and Pop. Students will increase their knowledge of intermediate and advanced orchestral string playing techniques, including shifting, vibrato and self-tuning. This class covers 7th and 8th grade music standards, and is designed for students with at least three years of music experience, not necessarily on an orchestral string instrument. Instruments in this class include violin, viola, cello and bass. Piano and guitar by audition with music teacher.

Symphonic Orchestra

Symphonic Orchestra is a full orchestra of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion players. It covers advanced ensemble performance techniques. Students will refine their musical skills while performing a variety of classical and modern music styles. This class is designed for students with at least three full years of experience on their instrument; therefore participation is by audition with the music instructor. Enrollment in this course is by audition with the music instructor. *Please note: Placement into an instrumental music class is made based on the instrumentation needs of the ensemble and approval by the South Lake music teacher.