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Science Department

Welcome to the science department!  Take a bit to learn more about science here at South Lake.

Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards


Course Descriptions

Science 7

The 7th Grade Science curriculum reflects the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The overarching guiding concept for this year-long integrated course is that, "Natural processes and human activities shape Earth's web of life." The NGSS-based curriculum is designed to give 7th grade students a foundation of basic knowledge on which to build for future work in high school. A variety of projects, as well as hands-on, inquiry-based laboratory activities, small group and full class discussions, as well as problem solving through cooperative learning experiences are used to support our curriculum. Our emphasis is on developing critical thinking skills, analyzing concepts, improving reading comprehension using increasingly complex text, writing, and interactive note-booking. Students will engage in assessments that include investigations, projects, writing assignments, class participation, quizzes and tests. Throughout the year, students also have the opportunity to participate in science enrichment opportunities such as Science Fair and Astounding Inventions.


Science 8

The 8th Grade science curriculum is an integrated approach to 4 main disciplines in science. This year, students will be learning about the interconnectedness of science by studying the fields of Life science, Earth and space science, Physical science, as well as Engineering and technology. Building upon lab process skills from seventh grade, students run independent, laboratory experiments and investigations while applying concepts learned throughout the year. Reading strategies that enhance comprehension of science texts are emphasized, as well as scientific writing skills, critical thinking skills, and implementation of technology. In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn from guest speakers currently affiliated with STEM careers. This usually includes presentations in the spring from representatives of IBM, the Fluor Corporation, Society of Women Engineers, Irvine Ranch Water District, and the Discovery Cube. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to participate in science enrichment opportunities, such as Science Fair and Astounding Inventions.


Course Materials

Online Science Textbook

8th Grade Quizlet

8th Grade PhSchool

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