8th Grade Argument - Tinker v. Des Moines


Use this list of resources as a path to help you research and write your argument paper.

Annenberg Classroom: First Amendment Game

Start with this game to get a lot of information about the First Amendment, background about the case, and precedents. Use this graphic organizer to take notes.

Legal Case Precedents with Full URLs

More Resources-Tinker v. Des Moines Background and Briefs

The resources and links below directly concern Tinker and will help you understand the case better.

Opinion of the Court: This is the decision of of the U.S. Supreme Court, written by Justice Fortas. It explains why the court decided in favor of the students and gives the precedents it used to support its position. You can read more supporting opinions by clicking on the links to the concurrences, and read some opinions that do not agree with the decisions by clicking on the links to the dissents.

Oral Arguments: From this link, you can hear the recorded arguments made by the attourneys for each side. It includes a citation for you.

The US Courts Podcast: This podcast gives background information about the case, the decision, and historical context. If you like listening to audio, this is a great link!

What's Left of Tinker?: This essay, by Dean Chemerinsky, discusses the impact of Tinker, and the court's decisions regarding students' free speech in the years since.

More Resources-Court Precedents

These resources will give you more understanding about cases that set the precedents that helped the justices make their decision.

Supporting the Students

Keyshian v. Board of Regents (1967)

Terminiello v. Chicago (1949)

Creating Citations

* Need to review citations? (What are they? Why are they needed?) Here's the Google Presentation.

* For a tutorial on how to use NoodleTools, click here to view a thorough PPT presentation.