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South Lake Honors Humanities
Placement Criteria (Grades 7 & 8)


  • Communicates through multiple formats, is able to access and work effectively with information


  • Collaborates effectively with all peers, including those who provide different perspectives and input


  • Makes connections among topics and consistently sees the big picture of education and life


  • Participates actively in the learning process, and is mentally focused and prepared for class


  • Seems excited about learning and demonstrates confidence in completing challenging work
  • Accepts, responds to, and learns from constructive criticism


  • Engages in critical thinking, is eager to ask questions, and to delve deeper into rigorous problem-solving


  • Work in class reflects, or reaches toward, true intellectual capacity


  • Enjoys thinking creatively and finding new patterns and ideas that emerge from previous knowledge


  • Demonstrates growth mindset in taking intellectual risks and overcoming obstacles related to the class, an assignment, or a teacher